Welcome to the ocean

This is a website directory, where you can find cool links(or maybe just links) to sites that you havent heard of. All these sites provide all or atleast enough content for FREE ($0.00). Think of it as my favorites bar in form of a website. Said links are found below.

This site was heavily inspired by many things, such as this site (kill) these 2 images (1 2), the background image (stolen from http://sorkyfoto.tumblr.com/) and tons of other shit thats not worth mentioning (like the guy who came up with this idea that I stole, his site here)

If for some reason you don't want your website listed (pussy) then shoot me an email to kjo46@horsefucker.org

If you, for some even greater unknown reason want to feature your COOL site on mine, send an email to the same adress

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Now, for those links!

Cool/Edgy illegal resources

Access unsecured HDDs and Cameras online
When was the last mass shooting?
Make money illegally
Ruin games for other people and make money
C00l hacking sites
doxing leaks, guides and free accounts
Don't get caught by faggot cops pretending to be users
get your targets ip
fun way to learn how to hack from complete beginner

Good tools of all sorts

Free small site hosing (your on it right now)
Free complex site hosing (havent tried it but it seems good)
Free secure (but constantly raided) emails with funny and hip names yo
Online secure protected passworded blah blah text storage
File upload, free email, free blog, github and pastebin clone, link shortener (basicly this site has it all)
Schway github clone
Send email without comprimising your email address
free ideas for apps/business/anything

Good programs/applications you should get

Merge all different chat applications(Android)
If you dont want a virus (or want to remove one)

Cool tumblrs/blogs/personal/arty websites

sick graphic design
malware musiem
only actual tumblr account that I enjoy